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What Not To Say (or do) To Someone Who Has Lost A Child

No, tell them the truth. God gives Satan Takes. Learn the rules, I will teach you. God loses nothing that belongs to Him


I wrote this Blog over at DavidsHeartblogspot about a year ago I transferred it over to my new blog. Enjoy!


David Everett Jury 12-12-11

After a person loses a baby we sometimes think it is our job to help them “out of their grief”. But the fact is, it is not our job. Everyone grieves in their own way, at their own speed. Today, I decided to look up things you should not say to a person who has lost a baby. They were all very good and true. So I have decided to compile my own list. Everything on this list I have dealt with in some way, Sadly, whether these phrases have been said to me or these things been done in some way. Each of these things my family and I have experienced after losing David. Sometimes we should just take a few seconds before we open our mouths and think about what we are…

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Why I’m an atheist

Atheists do not exist. asked them to prove love exist. If so they just proved God exist. See what I mean?


As a few of you will know, I am an atheist. Google defines atheism as “The theory or belief that God does not exist.”. This would imply that it requires some form of faith, to “believe” that there is not a God. This definition is incorrect. Atheism means, literally, without Gods (or Goddesses). Not believing in God. It’s completely different yet most people (evidently including the people at Google) see atheism wrongly. There is no faith involved in being an atheist, We don’t have faith that there is no God. We do not believe there is no God. We simply don’t believe there is a God. Now that that is cleared up, we can move to the real subject matter.

I was (fortunately) born into a secular household. My father is an atheist, and my mother is agnostic. (I myself am, the far more rational, agnostic atheist. The perfect blend, if you…

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Love life and people.

Come and follow me, I will give you rest.

God Moments

Come and follow me, I will teach you all you need to know


Religion is not easy. Doctrines can be contradictory, teachings are biased and perspectives are limited.  While we all have our own personal struggles with faith and the role of the divine in everyday life, I hope I’m not the only one experiencing the undeniable “God moments” that happen within an ordinary day.

When I say “God moment”, I’m not referencing any specific school of thought. Quite the opposite actually – for me, God moments rest outside of any institution, outside the realm of descriptive language or camera lenses. These are the moments we are most desperate to convey with the people around us – “You’ll never believe what happened today…” – only to realize that the more you try and explain, the more secretly personal the moment becomes because it is impossible for anyone to experience it just as you did.

I’ve been in Ireland for less than a week…

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Demon in my bed…really.

I know of even more haunted places. But I will teach you more than anyone else will. Come and follow me

Nothing is Impossible

I know, I would have never believed that I would be able to have Death obey what was in my heart. But I did a few times now. It works every time. How do I do it? Come and follow me, I will teach you.

cteachertina's Blog

He replied, “What is impossible for people is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27 NLT)

When we are faced with a problem, it’s so easy to think the impossible. Being a mommy to 3 wonderful kids can leave me drained and overwhelmed. Thinking to myself how are all the dishes will get done , laundry, still getting organized from a move and caring for the kids and hubby. I then stop and realize I’m trying to do this all on my own, which looks and feels impossible. I then regain focus and pray, My God makes it possible to tackle each task that needs to be done and gives me the strength to do it. Remember today no matter what you are facing with our Almighty God, it is possible and CAN happen.

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Is God Love… Or Fear?

God loves those who love Him. He does not love those who do not Love Him.

Inspiration With Explanation

“Why don’t you choose your own conception of God?” ~Anon.

As a kid, I was taught to fear the wrath of God. As an adult, I was taught to embrace the Love of God.

The fear of God brought misery & suffering. The Love of God brought peace & happiness.

I think I’ll stick with Love today… it’s bringing a better result!

Have a great day everybody!

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Let It Be Known…

Did you know songs that lift the spirit train the heart and soul? When you will die, your soul will always go where your heart is. This is a part of how we train our hearts to love God.

Homemade Whine

OK, time for another one of those churchy posts.  We are singing a new song in church. And I can’t get it out of my head.  I even dance to it… badly, of course.  Well, only badly if you have eyesight.  But if not, then I dance incredibly well.  And maybe, just maybe, I could be the best dancer ever.

Now on to the music… The song is “Let It Be Known” by Worship Central.  I take no responsibility in this song getting stuck in your head.  And if you start dancing, just know that you can not possibly dance as well as me.  At least not that I will ever admit.


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God & Math

Oh, you will love my Book!

I love Coulter Bay