John Flavel (Puritan) – The Christian View of Death

by GodsChildren58

Not to say I know but I know and have seen the other side. Death is a fascinating Spirit all in itself.
If a person understands God’s rules, Just as Jesus said Death can not touch you. More over I would have never believed it but Death will even obey you. It truly is a lesson I hope to share with the world soon.

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John Flavel – The Christian View of Death

John Flavel (1628-1691)
Excerpt from Meet the Puritans
by Dr. Joel Beeke and Randall J. Pederson

John Flavel (or Flavell) was born in 1628 in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. He was the son of Richard Flavel, a minister who died of the plague in 1665 while in prison for nonconformity. John Flavel was educated by his father in the ways of religion, then “plied his studies hard” as a commoner at University College, Oxford. In 1650, he was ordained by the presbytery at Salisbury. He settled in Diptford, where he honed his numerous gifts.

He married Joan Randall, a godly woman, who died while giving birth to their first child in 1655. The baby died as well. After a year of mourning, Flavel married Elizabeth Stapell and was again blessed with a close, God-fearing marriage, as well as children.

In 1656, Flavel accepted a…

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