How Well Do You Know the Trinity?

by GodsChildren58

Very well, I wrote the Book on it. Understanding God and His spirit, “The Spirit of the Lord” Jesus said to always to pray to God and God alone. Even Jesus prayed to God His Father in heaven. Understanding that God’s spirit dwells in the hearts and souls of them who love Him you begin to understand the Trinity.

The Eccentric Fundamentalist

How well do you know the doctrine of the Trinity? Could you explain, from the Scriptures, that Jesus was God? Could you explain how the Christian understanding of Christ as God doesn’t make us tri-thiests, or people who believe in three Gods?

Watch the video below, a short five minute clip from a Unitarian who believes Jesus was a created being, and not a person of the Godhead. This video is heresy!Could you answer his argument? After the video, see a short explanation on the historical development of the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity!



What you just watched was heresy. Now, I’ll give a short account of how the orthodox Trinitarian doctrine developed:

How the Doctrine of the Trinity Developed

When you consider “how the teaching of the Trinity developed,” it is important to understand that we are not talking about how men made up this doctrine…

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