I wasn’t expecting an Angel to appear with gifts from God, but it happened anyway.

by GodsChildren58

All this did was to have me try and find out who am I and what was going on. Why me? As for what this Angel looked like, this is the closest picture I found that anyone comes to what I saw.


God Sends Me a Special Gift


John 20.12 seeth two angels in white

John 12.29 said as angel spake to him

2 Pet. 2.11 angels greater in power

Rev. 3.5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment: and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.

Rev. 6.11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

After the passing of my brother, whenever I was all alone, this is when I would find that perfect time to talk to God and to tell Him just how much I love Him. After all these years that have now past me bye, I still wanted to be with God more than anything else in my life. To me being with a Father in Heaven who would love me more than anyone else could ever love me only made common sense to someone that just wanted to be loved and cared for. Seeking God and understanding Him gives us the Hope that we are all needing in order for use to start on our journey seeking God. So each day, when I would come home from work, I went out to my special, peaceful, so called, holy place, to share with God how all of my day’s events went, and all of my concerns that I was having.

The more that I would learn to open up to Him about what I was thinking and what I  was feeling in my heart at that time, the closer we would both become to each other. Each day when I walked throughout the orchard, I would repeat the words that God had spoken to me. I would say to Him “God you said, Love Me, Believe in Me, Trust Me.” And then I would add this saying to God by saying, “Love me, forgive me, take care of me with guidance, all the days of my life”. After all, what more can there be asked of each other, or what more can be added to this, for me, it is more than enough.

When my day went perfect for me and everything was going well, I would thank God for what I was given. For me, when I didn’t know what else to say to God, I would just say to Him over and over again, “I Love you God, I love you” even while I was in bed at night just before I would fall asleep, and when I would wake up during the night, I would still find myself saying to Him, “I love you God, I love you. I would also thank Jesus as well but as Jesus commanded, I would always put His Father God first.” Over and over again, I would repeat these words each day as well as each night whenever I could, I would.

One day I wondered to myself, how long does it really take God to answer prayers? I read in my bible that it took an Angel up to thirty days to return with an answer to a prayer because of the prince of Persia held the Angel back and it was only delivered when Michael came to help get the message through. As I was thinking about this to myself, I wondered how long does it take for me to get an answer from God? After all, I was given this very special gift from the time that I was a child. I still did not quite understand what my real purpose was for these things that were taking place in my life. Now keep in mind that I was only thinking about how long it takes for me having this special gift. I did not mention a word about this to God my Father in Heaven. I was only wondering how long it would take.

So, I began to count the number of days that it would take before something that would happen to me.  Day after day, I went into the orchard to walk and talk with God, and each day I would say to Him, “I love you God”, and then I would repeat this quote to Him, “God you said, Love me, Believe in Me, Trust me.” And then I would say to Him over and over again, “God, Love me, forgive me take care of me with guidance all the days of my life”. I would ask God, “What am I to do with this life that you have given to me? Why do all these things happen to me?

Seven days had now past and on the seventh night, as I was awakened and for what reason I did not know, however I was now wide awake and I could not fall back to sleep again. I kept looking at the red LED clock radio that was on the top of my dresser. Hour after hour I was trying to fall back asleep, but I just couldn’t. As I was lying on my side, looking at the time, the clock had just turned to 12:00 midnight. Midnight I thought to myself and I have to get up and go to work early.

As soon as it did, I now noticed that an Angel was now standing at the foot of my bed. I sat upright to see what this Angel wanted from me. As I sat looking at him, not being afraid but rather at peace, for he was semi-transparent and glowed with a white light coming from within and throughout him and throughout the white robe that he wore. His hair was not long, but it was light in color, like gold. On his robe around his neck area, the fabric design was of a square cut with a thick gold border along the edges. On his right side, there were suspended white robes, just like onto the one that this Angel wore, and on his other side, there was a single robe which was held in his left hand. This Angel did not have any wings to him.

As I looked at this Angel standing at the foot of my bed, I then asked him,” Who are you and what do you want?” The Angel then replied saying to me, “You earned six. You now have seven.” As he spoke these words to me, he took the seventh white robe, which was by itself in his left hand and he then placed it with the other six that were on the Angel’s right side. When the Angel had finished placing the seventh white robe onto the other side with the six white robes, I then said again to the Angel, “Who are you, and what do you want?” This time without any facial expressions, the Angel then lifted up his left hand, and as his left hand was raised, as if he was going to point at me, I was pushed down backwards into my pillow with such a great force as I have never felt before as a human. It was as if this Angel’s entire hand was now placed over my face and he had pushed me backwards with such a great unseen force. He did this while not even touching me from where he stood at the foot of my bed.

When I hit my pillow, I bounced right back up into the sitting position like a rubber band. When I did, the Angel was there no more. I then turned and looked at the red LED clock radio to see if this really did just happen to me and when I did, the clock just then turned to 12:01. My body felt as if I was hit with electricity and now all my senses were out of whack. This is what I now call being “Zapped”.  When an Angel gets to you, the power that you feel is like being “Zapped”. You feel great Love, Peace and Joy.

Who am I now that even the Angels will come to me bearing gifts from God Himself? Why me, what do the Holy Ones want, and who am I? What are the white robes for and what do they mean, I have no idea. Is this just a gift, or could this be taken as a symbol of things yet to come in my own life. The Angel did say to me, “You earned six”. How did I earn them and what did I do to earn them? All I did was go to God and share with Him all my problems, and how much I wanted to be with Him each day. I love God more than life or anything else that I know of.

The next day when I arrived at work, I was so excited. I just had to share this event with all my close co-workers. Interesting to see how some people would react when you tell them that an Angel had just visited me. Some of them  just laughed and made a joke out of it, while some of the others would not know how to react to this true story of mine, and even a very few of them started to cry when I told them what had just happened to me. To me it didn’t matter if they believed me or if they did not, the truth was that God had chosen me to receive this special gift.

I did not know what the white robes meant, so I started to look up everything that I could find about white robes in the bible. Some will be given white robes when they die refusing the take the mark, while others were given white robes that have died for Christ. But the Angel said, “You have earned. . .” not, “You will earn”.

   Now I have also learned that God even knows what I am thinking even if I don’t say it. How else was an Angel to know that I was counting the number of the days that it would take before something would happen. To have an Angel bring me a gift from God my Father in Heaven delivered to me by an Angel, while I was still alive is truly remarkable.

          What is it that I am doing that is so different from what everyone else in the world is doing to have caused these events to take place throughout my life?

           I went back over the steps carefully trying to put the pieces together. There is a pattern here that I am beginning to see that happens every time. I am always helping people whenever I can, but that’s not what I am doing differently from what everyone else is doing. Maybe it’s the way I am helping others that is different from what the others are doing that makes these things happen. What is it that I am doing to cause these things like this to happen to me? Now I had even more questions that I needed to have answered.