How we, “The Chosen Ones” are able to do the things we are able to do, just as God said it would.

by GodsChildren58

Many have asked me to tell them this true story, so I too thought it was important to share this as well with everyone that I could. Knowing God as well as I do and all the supernatural events that have and are taking place within my life I added this to the book I have written to share with the world. Everyone reading these stories once they understand what must be done in order to do these things written, will learn just how true and powerful God really is and how much He loves His Children who Love Him. “The Chosen Ones” by John Paul Continues. . .


A Birthday Gift from God

John 16.24 Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.

Matt. 6.6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

John 13.13-14 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

Matt. 21.22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive

Now many people reading this will find this hard to believe as well, yet those who understand God will also understand how this is able to work as well as it does. I knew that if I was going to ask God for His help, that I had to first make sure that things were right between God and me. I started talking to God more than I was doing at the time by telling Him what my situation was and what I needed His help with. It may sound strange to hear this, but God already knows what the problem is that you are facing in your life and He knows how to fix things before you even begin to ask Him for His help. He’s just waiting for us humans to open our hearts and share with Him our lives. This is also how we learn to build our Trust in Him. We come to Him and communicate with Him what we are thinking and what we are feeling in our hearts. If you come to God first with all of your situations that come your way in life, it shows to God that He really is first and that you understand the “Rules”, therefore He answers. Remember, that it is the spoken words that will come from the heart that God answers when you come to Him.

I found myself a peaceful quiet place, where I wouldn’t be disturbed just as I did out in the orchard. I then started to tell God what my situation was and why I needed His help. I reminded Him of what He had said to me years earlier, “Love Me, Believe in Me, Trust Me.” and then I said to God, “Love me, Forgive me, take Care of me with guidance all the days of my life.”. So, I asked God for His Forgiveness because I was so busy with my new job and that I didn’t feel that I was spending the required amount of time with Him that was needed like we use to do. Each day I made it a point to take time out to talk to God.

I asked God if He would send someone in to my life that would love me for who I was, and who would be happy with me. My 30th birthday was soon coming up towards the end of the next month. You see it’s one thing to think your problems out in your own head, but it’s a total different story when you physically acknowledge and talk to God. The spoken word is what God hears when it’s what’s in your heart that tells Him that you’re serious about your situation that is at hand. It is simple faith and trust that helps it work as well. God will be there with you no matter what the situation that you are in and listening to what is in your heart. Someone asked me what if the person cannot speak, I told them however they communicated with others is the same when you communicate with God. The importance is that it is coming from deep within your heart.

That following week I spent it down in Florida working and I had decided that I would stay over for the weekend. When I returned back home from my trip, I went to visit my ex-girlfriend’s best friend whose name is Sue to see how she was doing. She was a very nice person, and someone who anyone could just sit and talked to. When I walked into the Merle Normans beauty salon to say hi to Sue and to see how she has been doing, Sue was already in the process of working with a client and that the young lady had just told Sue just before I had entered, “I hope nobody comes in and sees me looking like this.” For her face was now covered with a green-like mud mask. Just then is when I came walking into the salon and saw them both, we all started to laugh. The young lady who was sitting with the green mud mask on said, “How embarrassing this is.” I sat down in a chair near the window and I started talking to Sue while she was still working on the young lady with the green mud all over her face.

After we had all finished with our laughing, I then started to talk about how my trip went for me down in Florida. After a while all three of us were laughing and talking together as if we were all best of friends. When the young lady had finished with her facial, she then paid and left the salon. I went out the door just behind her to take another look at her as she was walking down the street.  I then went back into the salon to asked Sue, “Who was that hot chick!”  Sue said to me, “Her name is Brenda and she works somewhere in Michigan City at some bank.”  “Wow! I said, “She’s nice and really friendly.” After Sue and I had finished talking, I went and took care of all my personnel stuff and I soon was back off to Florida again for another week of appointments.

Soon afterwards, about a few weeks had passed, I returned back home. When I saw Sue again, I just had to ask her, “What was that girls name and where did you say that she worked at again?”  Sue said, “All I know was that her name was Brenda and that she worked at some bank in Michigan City.” I tried to see if Sue could remember anything else about her, but that was all the information that she was able to tell me about this lady. Sue had never seen her before or had any other information about her to be able to share with me.

About another week later while I was back at my apartment and I was talking to God.  I said to Him that my thirtieth birthday is coming up at the end of this week and as I am getting older, I still haven’t found someone that would love me for who I am and that I would be happy with sharing my life. The next thing that happened was that I was side track, right out of the blue, that young lady that I had met now almost a month or so ago, popped up into my mind. Brenda! I said to God, “Brenda, all I know is that her first name is Brenda, and that she works at some bank in Michigan City.” Then I heard the voice, the same one that I would always hear speak to me had commanded me to pick up the phone book and to open it. So I did, and I went through the yellow pages to find “banks”, when I realized just how many banks that I now saw listed, I said to God, “There’s a lot of banks listed in the Phone Book.” (As if God doesn’t already know this.)

Knowing that there are at least 70 if not more phone numbers listed for the banks and all of their branch offices that I could be calling, and out of all the banks that were listed, how many of them would have someone working there with the name Brenda that could be working there. I then asked God, “Which one should I call?” God then said to me, “Place your finger at the top and move it down the page slowly.” With my finger now at the top corner of the page, I then started to move my finger down the phone listings slowly. I then heard, “Stop.”  I then asked God making sure, “You want me to call this bank’s phone number here?” I then heard His voice and He said, “Call”.

As I was dialing, I asked God, “What am I going to say?” All I have is just a first name and I knew that she worked at some unknown bank in Michigan City. This is going to be weird for me to make this phone call not knowing what I was even going to say when the other person answered my phone call. As I started dialing, I said to God that I don’t even know what I’m going to say when the person answered the phone. Being able to listen to God as He speaks is truly a special gift that I have been given.

As I was instructed to do by God when the receptionist answered my phone call, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “I don’t want you to think that I’m crazy, but hear me out first please, and I will explain. I met this girl about four or five weeks ago and all I know is that her name is Brenda.” The receptionist then being very friendly at this point said to me, “Sure we have two Brenda’s working here at this location do you have her last name?” I replied being now somewhat even more nervous and embarrassed, “No, and I know how crazy this may seem to you, I don’t even know what her last name is.”

The receptionist said, “Well, we have two Brenda’s here at this bank location and their last names are . . .” I then said to receptionist, can we try the second name that you just gave me?” The receptionist then said, “We sure can, hold on please, and I’ll transfer you.” When the operator switched me over to the second name that I had selected, the lady picked up the phone and she said, “Brenda may I help you?” The very first words again that then came out of my mouth to her was, “You may not be the right person. . .”, Brenda then suddenly interrupted me as I was trying to find out even if she was who I was looking for and she said to me, “John, is that you?” I was floored and then I said, “How did you know that it was me?” Brenda then said, “I was just thinking about you also.”   “Wow, Really?” I said. Not totally understanding what was happening just then, I asked Brenda, “You’re the girl that I met about a month or so ago at Merle Normans right?” Brenda said, “Yea that was me.” We talked for a few moments and then I said to her, “My thirtieth birthday is this coming Friday, would you like to go out and get something to eat?” Brenda replied, “I would love to.” That same Friday we went out to eat and have been together now for over twenty four years.

    So I ask you, is this what you would still call just a coincidence or is this what really happens when we learn to open our hearts and share what our true feelings are with God? After all, it was God who said, “Love Me, Believe in Me, Trust Me.”

          God answered prayers when the rules are being followed. There are no such things as human instincts, only His Angels working behind the scenes, making sure that your prayers are being answered by God. Everything works to those who understand what the “Rules” are.

Gifts are acts of Love