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After Death Came, it was now God’s turn. My lessons about life continue.

After Death Came, it was now God’s turn. My lessons about life continue..

After Death Came, it was now God’s turn. My lessons about life continue.

Miracles do come easy for all those who understand the rules and follows them. God never breaks a promise that He has made to His Children. Understanding the rules are priceless. As I continue to teach you, you begin to understand why you were even born and why things happen the way that they do in your life. “The Chosen Ones” by John Paul continues


God heard me Crying


Job 1.22 In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.

Jer. 31.13 Then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance, both young men and old together: for I will turn their mourning into joy, and will comfort them, and make them rejoice from their sorrow.

John 14.16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

John 14.6 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

The very next day after I had found my brother Jim dead out in the woods on my walking trail, I still went to work that very next day. Maybe I was still in shock or maybe it just didn’t hit me yet. That same day when I arrived home after work, I went back out into the apple orchard to talk to God. When I got out to the edge of the forest where the orchard began, I fell down onto my knees and I cried out to God. For I have learned to make this a habit to go to Him first for everything that ever happens within my life. I looked up towards heaven and said, “Please God, take away this pain that I am feeling within my heart. I cannot bare this pain. I know that it was not you that did this thing to my brother, but those Shadow Demons that I have seen all of these years.”

“Please God help me” I repeated the words over and over again that God had spoken to me, “You said, Love Me, Believe in Me, Trust Me.” As I cried my heart out to God, I can honestly say that the hand of God was now upon me and God touched me like at no other time before in my life to this point. I soon felt this warm gentle pressure over my heart, and then like a bolt of lightning hitting me, my entire body now went limp like having a drunkenness sensation. With tears of sorrow and pain falling from my face and my heart broken into a million pieces, God heard my cries and once more He answered me. There now came upon me a great wind like no other wind could ever blow. It was such a strong wind that was filled with the fragrant of flowers. The wind did not cease to blow for it was now a strong non stopping constant wind.  The wind blew into my face. I was now facing to the West at the top of the hill out in the orchard. I then asked God, “Please God, walk with me, take away my pain.”  Now you will know of the wonders of God.

As I started to walk, I told God just how much really I love Him. The wind continued blowing into my face, nonstop and with such a great force. Over and over again I said “I love you God, I love you.” I walked turning towards my right side facing the North now walking along the orchard’s edge, and the wind still blew into my face. When I reached the corner, I then turned to my left again, and winds still blew in to my face. As I walked West the wind still blew. I then turn right again now facing the North and this time when I reached the bottom of the hill and the wind still did not ceased to blow into my face for it was now coming from within the thick of the forest in front of me. I then turned westward again and this time as I was walking along the tall oak trees. The trees were swaying as if they would break in half and fall all around me, yet there wasn’t a cloud in the sky just the sun shining. When I had reached the corner where the tall pine forest met, I turned once more now facing the South and the wind still blew into my face at the same constant force. Still the air was filled with the fragrant of flowers.

As I continued with my walk telling God how much I love Him, I had reached the end of the giant pine forest where I then turned towards the West again and the wind still blew. I continued as my soul was feeling something that I had never felt before. I kept on praying and saying, “I love you God” over and over again. When I reached to the end of my walk which was in a giant like cycle, the wind did not get any weaker, but always remained constant. I had now walked in a completed cycle and as I reached the place in which I had started with my prayer and talking with God, I was now laughing and could not stop myself even if I wanted to. And of course, I was now standing right back where I had started, but this time I was now facing the thick oak forest now facing the East. And you guessed it the wind was still blowing into my face now coming from the East through the thick oak forest. I was laughing so hard and filled with such joy that not even my own brother’s death could stop God from answering my prayer. Just like the Bible says that He would do, and it happened to me as well.

Within a few days after my brother’s death, people then started to come over to our house for his funeral and wake. I never went to either one of them. Why many of you may be asking me? I have found that humans are very predictable in the way that they act and what they will say. When you are alive nobody cares or will even take the time of day for you because they are always too busy with their own lives. People who would only think of you as a burden when you are alive or too busy to take the time for you soon act as if they had always loved and care about you your whole life. I always look at death as just a new beginning for those that belong to God. I know without a doubt, first hand, what I’ve seen about death that it is only a new beginning for those who die. The question is however do you know where you are going?

This may help you if you are now certain about your own life, God’s children always go to be with Jesus in a land where there are no more tears or pain felt. What belongs to God can never be taken away from God. His children will be loved and taken care for just as God had promised. If you have loved ones, the best advice that I can ever tell them or teach them is that if they ever want to find you again, that they will first need to find God. For when they do find God, this is where they will also find you waiting for them.

Later after my brother’s death, when I would see my uncle Ed, he would always be murmuring something, “I should have . . . if only I did” and then he would shake his head. He didn’t say much more in detail about what this meant until a few years later when this one day when he said it again, I said, “What are you mumbling about uncle? My uncle Ed said, “The day just before you found your brother, he called me to see if he could come and stay with me, I told him no, he couldn’t. If I only. . .” I interrupted my uncle and said, “Listen, it’s not your fault that he shot himself.” “You cannot blame yourself for what another person has done to their own life.” He said to me, “But if I wouldn’t have said no, he would still be alive today”. (My uncle Ed, was also Jim’s godfather) I didn’t want to tell my uncle who it was that really had caused my brother to shoot himself, but I knew. These are the demons that stand outside of your homes and move from place to place waiting like sharks for someone within your family to let them in. If you’re not watchful evil will enter in like a thief in the night and destroy what they can. They could not touch me, but the Shadow Demons can destroy others if the others let them in.

I knew that it was not God who had taken my brother’s life, for God knew how strong my love for Him is. It could only be Satan’s Shadow Demons that go through and from, seeking those that are not in the light protected by God. This is why I was shown these things and why I was taught by God.

          I would not allow anyone else to ever see me cry nor did I go to anyone else with my broken heart except to God.  I have learned a long time ago that if I would have gone to anyone else with my problems in my life, then God would know that I had not trusted in Him but in someone else. God must and always be first in your life for He is always above all else even unto your own death.

          As for my brother, did he make it into heaven many may ask, this is between him and God, for only God has the right to Judge and only God knows all the facts and what took place at the point of death. We as humans are not to judge what is in the hearts of others.

According to the rules given to us by God, Death even comes for your children who are not in the light

According to the rules given to us by God, Death even comes for your children who are not in the light.

According to the rules given to us by God, Death even comes for your children who are not in the light

I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason even when Demons enter into people and cause death to happen to them or others around them. Remembering the question I had asked God, “Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?”  Everything in due time would be shown to me why these things do happen, even to the unborn children. “The Chosen Ones” by John Paul continues. . .


What Demon’s Do Best


Ps. 89.45 The days of his youth hast thou shortened: thou hast covered him with shame.

Prov. 10.27 The fear of the LORD prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened

Matt. 8.22 let the dead bury their dead

Living in an environment where God is not first will always have its consequences to be paid for sooner or later. Take my younger brother Jim for example. In H.S., he meets his first girlfriend, and he was so in love with her that he soon began to make all the wrong decisions with his own life. All he could think about was being with his new found girlfriend every chance that he could. His grades soon started to fall and soon after, he started missing out on his classes. In due time my brother Jim even had stopped going to school without anyone else in the family knowing about it, that was until one day my parents got a phone call asking where Jim has been. I didn’t even know about this myself and I lived in the same house. As for myself, I was busy working each day and after work I went straight to night school.  You have to remember the type of environment that we came from, you never tell anyone in the family what you were doing or going to do due to the retributions or negative remarks that would soon follow if or when our parents would ever find out.  And because our parents would never help us in our lives, we instead kept everything that was happening to ourselves. Jim being a teenager in love and in High School is hard enough and instead of ever being able to help Jim to work things out or to get him through his teenager years, my parents just made things even worst for Jim.

Everything now was an ultimatum when it came to Jim and not what the real issues were at hand. Our parents would always tell us, that if you don’t do this, then we will do this to you and then you’d be really sorry. They would never fail to remind us that this was their house and if we don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you in the rear. (That so familiar threat that parents would try and use on their children instead of taking the time to listen to what the real problems are and how to help) On and on, year after year, each time it was a different or stiffer threat that would be placed upon us. It was like growing up in a Nazi like environment, the mind games that they loved to play on us in order to just to keep that control over us. The psychological abuse can take its toll on any human mind and soon the human heart also gives up on life when the weak are pushed too far and over the edge.

Once you have lost hope and begin to believe in what the others continue to say to you over and over again. Your life no longer has meaning and for what little it had has now gone out the window. The things that every human cries out for is now lost. Hope, love, and compassion, even understanding no longer exist in your world. You soon start believing that what they’re saying to you is right, and that you will never amount to anything in your life. So why would anyone want to keep on living. They will tell you over and over again, you will always be a loser no matter what you do. You soon learn to turn off all of your feelings and emotions around you. You begin to clam-up and learn not to say nothing, nor tell anyone anything. You learn to never tell or share any of your problems with these types of people, because when you do, punishment would always follow. Remember, we were always a mistake in their minds and all of their life’s problems were our fault for being born into this world. These kinds of people and people just like them will never be happy about anything or be thankful for anything that God has given to them in life. They learn to feed off of each other’s negativity as they both soon die of a slow death within, just like a cancer that is feeding off of the healthy cells around them spreading everywhere until death comes.

I remember that my dad would always be repeating this certain date to Jim whenever he would pass by him. It didn’t make any sense to me at the time and I didn’t dare ask either. I too was also reminded that I am lucky to have a roof over my head. This is my dad’s house, and he will do as he damn well pleases. I didn’t know what was going on about this certain date, but later I would find out from my mother.

One day I asked my mother what’s going on with this date, and she told me. I soon learned that my brother had just dropped out of high school and that if he didn’t return by this deadline date, that he would have to move out of their house. When I saw Jim, I told him that he needed to go back and finish, even if he did lose a semester of school, I told him that he needed to finish his education if anything at all cost. I told him it’s best to do it while he still could and while he was still young enough to do it. I said to him that so many people drop out of school and never get a chance to finish. Jim told me that he was going to go back and try it again.

After a few weeks had passed this one night, I overheard my brother Jim crying in his bedroom. It was real late at night and I could hear him from my bedroom next to his down in the basement. I got up being very concerned and went into his room and asked Jim. “Is everything O.K? He said, “Yea, I’ll be alright, don’t worry about me.” I said to him, “Are you sure, do you need to talk about anything?”  He replied back me, “I’ll be Okay, don’t worry about me”.

A few days or so later when I came home from work, I saw that Jim was outside with his 12 gage shotgun shooting at some empty cans on the ground.  I went over into the field to asked him “What are you doing?” he seemed to be in a much better mood this day and then he said to me, “This can really put a hole in a person!” I said while looking at the cans on the ground full of holes and said, “It sure can.” Then he stopped dead and with a serious voice and look on his face he asked me, “How does a person get into Heaven?” I said, “Unless a man is born again, he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven”. Jim looked at me puzzled and asked, “What does that mean?” I said, “What it means is that when you come and ask God for His forgiveness of all the wrong things that you have done in your life and that you accept His Son Jesus as your own personal savior. It’s very important that it comes from your heart, and after you have confessed all your sins to God, you should also thank Him by saying the Our Father”. Jim asked me, “Is that all I have to do?” I then said to him, “Its faith and the love that comes from within your heart that makes everything happen.”

The next day when I came home after I finished with my evening classes at Purdue, I asked my mother, “Where’s Jim?” it was now getting late out and he wasn’t home yet. My mother like it was nothing, “He was gone when we returned from shopping in town.” “Gone?” I replied, questioning what kind of an answer is that?  She then said “All I know is that he was on the phone with your uncle Ed asking him if he could stay with him.” She then added that at the last time that she saw him he was out in the garage with a hack saw, sawing off his shotgun barrel. Hacksaw, what could Jim be up to?

That same day I didn’t get the chance to take my walk and to talk with God as I usually would do due to it was already very late in the evening. The next day while I was at work, I couldn’t help myself from wondering what Jim was up to. He seemed to be fine the day before when he was talking to me about God. I thought to myself, “I hope he isn’t going to rob someone or do something really stupid with that shotgun that he hacksawed. I wondered to myself, did he go to my uncle Ed’s house, and what is he up to?

That same day after work I went straight home and because I didn’t have any classes that night and my dad was home when I arrived, I decided to go for my daily walk and to talk to God. Jim wasn’t home and my mother had taken my little sister roller skating with her class from school.

As I started walking down the trail out towards the opened orchard, I turned around the side of the hill and I saw my brother Jim lying near the trail. I yelled out at him thinking that he was only sleeping, for he also has been known to fall asleep out in the woods. I shouted, “Hay, sleepy head!” but he didn’t move, he just laid there motionless with his back towards me. As I walked ever closer towards him, I said, “Jim, what are you doing?” My heart began to race when he didn’t answer me. As I got even closer, I repeated myself ounce again with no response from Jim. My fears began to take over my thoughts.  As I approached him lying there I then tapped him with the tip of my shoe on his back, nothing. As I leaned over slowly towards his front side, I saw that his blue eyes were still wide opened and he was motionless. The shotgun was lying right next to him near his stomach area. The ground around his body was scared with kicked marks. Dried blood was on his hands and on the ground. I could tell that it was a very slow painful death that he must have suffered. I tried to turn his body over, but he was already too stiff for me to row him over. Thinking what to do next, I then ran back towards the house with my mind still racing with questions of why would he do such a thing to himself. As I came into the house to call the sheriff’s dept., my dad who was home asked, “What’s going on?”  I said, “Jim shot himself!” My dad then asked me, “Is he Okay?” I said, “No, he’s dead.” I then continued to call the county sheriff’s office to have them dispatch an ambulance.

The lady who was working the phone that day was more excited about my phone call then I was. It’s time like these that it really pays to have A.D.D. I was more in control then the operator was. She was asking me all kinds of questions about the gunshot and the extent of his injury, I had to calm her down and I told her, “No hurry, he’s already dead.” When the sheriff’s department arrived with an ambulance, the police had me take them down the trail that I used to show them where the body was located. They asked me if I touched anything and I told them that I didn’t. I could not help but think that Jim wanted to make sure that I would be the one who would find him, but I also thought that when people are in this state of mind they really don’t think things clearly. If they could, then they would not have taken their own life. No, something here happened that only I would be able to understand and only I would understand what the truth is and why this really happened to Jim.

The first thing that came to mind that it may have been Jim who had pulled the trigger, and it may have also been my parents that helped drove him to this breaking point, but deep down I now knew why God had allowed me to see what I have been seeing for all those many years. It was them, the Shadow Demons, the ones who I had seen all those years while living in the city of Chicago.

Now I knew what they were doing behind the scenes and how they are able to do these things that they do best. Remembering that just a few days earlier that Jim was asking me how to get into heaven, and now that he had killed himself. Something had to have caused him to kill himself before he was able to find God or His forgiveness. The first person that also came to my mind was Judas in the bible. This is how Satan got into Judas and after he betrayed the Son of God, Satan then caused Judas to take his own life.

A few weeks later I began to get the story of what and why this had happened. When Jim had dropped out of school, my parents instead of helping him gave Jim a dead-line date. This dead-line date was the day that Jim had to be out of their house. Because Jim didn’t go back to school like he told me he was going to. I didn’t know that Jim wasn’t showing up for classes like he said that he would. The dead-line date had finally came, without having any place for him to go or stay with anyone, he decided that he would leave this place for good, more like forever. I also soon heard from some of his friends that his girlfriend had just broken up with Jim just a few days earlier. That was the day that he was crying in bed. His girlfriend not only broke up with him but she was going to go to the prom with another guy. And to make things even worse I also learned that she was now carrying his baby.

   Even thou Death came and Satan was able to destroy that which is around me, hold fast and trust in the Lord for God will wipe away all your tears.

          The most important lesson that I learned here is that you are never to blame God when a death takes place close to you. Spirits, both Angels and Demons always know what you are thinking and what you are doing within your life. If you are not careful the Shadow Demons will in time get to you or to your loved ones. Being “Tagged” is like when a shark is under the surface of the water, you don’t know when it is your time for them to get you.  You cannot see them coming or know that evil is near watching your every move. Angels and Demons cannot occupy the same place at the same time, If God is not within you always then the doors are open for demons to enter.

            My belief is that these are the same Shadow Demons that were not able to get to me after all of those years because of how strong my love for God is, so the Shadow Demons in turn got to my brother instead. Thinking that this event would have surely pulled me away from the Lord my God I knew better

A miracle is ne…

A miracle is ne….

A miracle is ne…

A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes is situations of which you are not even aware.

Angels do the “Will” of God. The Children of God know the Father’s “Will”

This is what I did, just as Moses and all the other prophets before me had done.

This is what I did, just as Moses and all the other prophets before me had done..

This is what I did, just as Moses and all the other prophets before me had done.

Fascinating experience to be able to hear God’s voice and to feel His breath touching a human’s ear. But even more it was the Answer given to me by God that I can say without hesitations is the best answer ever given to a human by the creator or Heaven and Earth. “The Chosen Ones” by John Paul


The Voice of God

Exod.19.19 And when the voice of the trumpet sounded long, and waxed louder and louder, Moses spake, and God answered him by a voice

Deut. 5.26 For who is there of all flesh, that hath heard the voice of the living God speaking out of the midst of the fire, as we have, and lived?

Deut. 30.10 If thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which are written in this book of the law, and if thou turn unto the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul.

I just had to start asking around to see what if any of these other people really knew about God. After all, I never stopped loving Him or thinking about Him. I was just tired of people not knowing anything about Him. After about six months on the job, I noticed that almost everyone had something in common, they all hated their jobs and that everyone was always broke. When I would ask them why they don’t quit, they would replay, “I need the money, and I have bills to pay”.  I then would ask them, “Why do you have so many bills?” Oh, the looks that I would get from all of them.

While at the University after taking all of my prerequisite courses, which I also only took one or two classes each semester, I was a still a slow learner. But this time it was amazing, I was now finally able to ask questions here like, “Why?” and I didn’t get ignored or sent to the back of the classroom for asking. Yes, I still was a slow learner, but when you have someone teaching you that really know what the answers are to the questions that you are seeking, it makes all the differences in the world if you really want to be able to learn something the right way. Moreover I had also learned that I had A.D.D. and being somewhat of a dyslectic person had also explained to me why my spelling would always come out backwards. Now that I knew why I was always having such a hard time with my education when I was young, I wasn’t dumb or stupid at all, really I wasn’t!

I would always hear everyone claiming that their “Religion” and “Church” is the best and the only right one and this also another reason why I kept my distances from all of these people. I didn’t want to be pulled in and then made more confused by them. I knew that being alone with God was the safest place for me to be. This one day soon came once again in my life when a problem hit me unaware again at work. I’ve learned that when others cannot control you the way that they want to be able to control you, then they’ll try to destroy you as a person if that’s what it takes for them to stay in control. I have learned this from both of my parents while growing up and now as well as from my military service. People will make your life a living hell here on earth, but that is only if you let them. People will do all that they can to push you over the edge. Either you learn how to comply with them and their ways and give in, or they will make it a point to try and destroy you as a person.

I call these types of people “Takers”. They only are able to gain control because we let them. It starts off with them making you believe they have all the answers and they are always in the right. The more that you listen to them the more you will start to believe in them and what they are telling you. The more power that you give to them, the more corrupt they will become. They enjoy feeding off of the weak and they will take all that they can. They are like termites eating away at a tree from within. Their souls are so filled with inequity, that if you stay long enough you will start believing what they are saying is true, and then you will begin to act and think as they want you to.

Having one of these days in my life again being around these types of people every day I could not take it any longer. When I got home, I went out into the edge of the woods which is just adjacent to the Apple Orchard next door. I fell down onto my knees and I cried out to God my Father in Heaven, “Please, I want to go home and to be with you God”, just as I did back when I was a little child in that cave. I started to cry out louder, again and again I cried out to God.

This time once again I already knew that God was not going to allow me to come home just yet, I then cried out to Him saying, “Please God, I need to find you, I need you to be the one who teaches me. I don’t want any man to teach me, for I trust them not, for they are evil. For everyone says that their “Church” and that their “Religion” is the only right one, and that everyone else’s is wrong, Please God, I want you to teach me and show me your ways. Where do I began, how do I start to ever find you, please God help me?” I cried and I cried, until the tears could fall no longer. I then made this boldly statement unto God, “I will find you even if it kills me”. I then said to God, “I will talk to you every day, even if you don’t answer me, and each day I will tell you how my day went and what I had done that day, and each day I will tell you how much I love you.” When I had finished crying out to God, I went back home for the sun was now beginning to set for the evening. People in life will always push you as far as they can, running to God is important. It proves that God is first in your life.

The next day as soon as I could after working, I started with what I had promised to God that I would do. I went down the trail just behind our house and out into the orchard to walk and talk to God. I would start off with, “I love you God” and repeat it over and over again. And each day if I was mad or angry about something or someone, I would tell God what I was feeling in my heart and why I was so upset at the time. When things were going fine, I would say to God, “Thank you for giving me such a beautiful day God.” Each day this went on until one day, about after a week, while I was at home and all alone, so I thought, I was now relaxing on the couch. As I was relaxing just thinking, I heard a voice that spoke into my left ear, not more than just a few inches away from me. I could even feel their breath against the hairs on my earlobe, when the voice said to me, “Love Me, Believe in Me, Trust Me.”

After speaking into my left ear, I was now able to move once more for I could not until the message was delivered. Suddenly when I was able to, I turned my head towards my left side to see who it was that was right next to me. Not seeing anyone, I then sat up looking and waiting to see if there was someone else in the house with me, but there way know body else that I could see. I then said in a loud voice, “Hello is anybody here?” Thinking that maybe I was not home alone after all. There was nothing but a dead silence throughout the house, I was all alone. I then repeated what had just been spoken into my left ear and I said to myself in a soft voice, “Love Me, Believe in Me, Trust Me?” Then I knew without any doubt that what I had just heard for the first time was the actual voice of God Himself speaking to me, just as He did to Moses so many times. It was the voice of God!  I was so excited that I got up as fast as I could and went back out in to the orchard to our meeting place in the orchard. With tears of excitement were now falling from my face, I said. “God, I heard you, you said, Love Me, Believe in Me, Trust Me, but how God am I to do this?” Without realizing it at the time, it was what I was already doing each day and that was sharing my life talking to Him, like Adam did in the Garden.

Knowing first hand that God has chosen me, I needed to learn as much about as Him as I could.  Now that God had spoken to me, I was even now more determined more than ever to find out as much information about God as I could. The main questions I needed to know was, who would know more about God more than anyone else? Who has the oldest record of God as well as the most detailed? And, if God was here in the beginning, He would still have to be here today in our present.

I went backwards in time looking to see who it is that had the most detailed records about God. For me it was very easy, for the Hebrew’s have the most detailed information about God. I then went forward in time again and the Hebrew’s are still here today and so is their God. Then I went back again in time as far as I could and once again the Hebrew’s even have details as well as the names of the very first man and woman to ever be born here on earth, Adam and Eve. It didn’t matter who wrote the Bible, what mattered to me was who has the most information about who God is.

What had then for me had sealed the test of time is what had been written thousands of years ago, Archeologist are confirming their discoveries by also using the Bible as their confirmation, both of them confirming each other. The Hebrew word of God has not been proven wrong even thou it is thousands of years old. All the other so called “Religions” if they are still going strong today, have popped up after the fact and they do not have any real detailed information about God as His People have. For me it would be like me saying to a person while living in Egypt today, “See that pyramid over there? I built it and I am the one who designed it.” God would have had to be here in the beginning as well as He would still have to still be here today. A creator does not just appear after the creation had taken place only to claim to be the creator.

For me it was already easier because of all of these other events that had taken place within my own life, this was my starting point. I didn’t speak a word of the Hebrew language, but I would soon learn that the Hebrews and the Old Testament are one and the same and that the King James Bible is as close as I would be able to get to knowing more about God. I looked around and searched for the best Bible that I could find, and when I did find the one that was right for me, I purchase it. This would be the first Bible that I had ever owned and I didn’t care how much it was going to cost me.

Many people enjoy telling me that know body knows who really wrote the Bible and even if they did it’s been rewritten so many times by so many people that it is only man’s interpretation. This is why I had selected the King James Version because the Hebrew and Creek texts were studied and other English translations by forty-seven scholars.  Adding also, Rev. 22.19 If any man takes away from the words of the book of this Prophecy God will not allow them into heaven. Furthermore do you really think that God would ever allow man keep people from finding Him? Mark 13.31, Luke 21.23, Matt. 24.35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Who wrote the Bible with all the Prophecies, that’s an easy question for me to answer, read on and you will find out if you don’t already know who really the One who wrote the Bible is.

      No truer words can ever be spoken between God the Creator of Heaven and Earth and a human. “Love Me, Believe in Me, Trust Me.” I had been given by God the starting point in which all humans will need to be able to understand if they are ever to find Him.

          Analyzing all of these experiences that had happened throughout my life and all the events that had taken place, I was drawn like a powerful magnet searching for more answers.  What I do know is that I had made it a point to use what I had already known, and that was to find God at all cost. God knows everything, and this also met that it was up to me to seek Him in order to be able to know Him better.

          Why can’t others hear Him today just as the others did thousands of years ago, what is so different today than it was thousands of years ago? He still is the same God today as He has always been. What must we do in order to hear God speak to us? What are we humans doing that is so wrong? What God would soon teach me matches with what has already been written in the Bible however what I would soon be shown also goes beyond what others will ever know about God?

          Many people will tell me that they can hear God. When He spoke to me, His voice is nothing like what we hear like on the “Ten Commandments”, in fact God’s actual voice is a very pleasing and gentle voice. However, when He does speak, I have noticed that my soul was burning like fire from within, for His words would forever be branded into my heart as well as in my mind.

          It’s not until each and every human makes the commitment in their own lives to seek out God at all cost that things will soon began to happen for them. Knowing that God knows what is in the heart, then the same also goes for all the other spirits, both Angels and Demons alike. This is how evil knows who belongs to God and who does not. The more time that I spent sharing my thoughts and my heart felt feeling with God, the closer I became. I now had another piece to add to my puzzle, and that is, how much time each day is being shared with God. There is a great difference between praising God and praying to God. Repeating something over and over again, like “I love you God” is praising Him, whereas sharing your thoughts and feelings that come from within your heart is praying to God.

Miracles should…

Miracles should….

Miracles should…


Miracles should inspire gratitude, not awe. You should thank God for what you really are. The Children of God are holy and the miracle honors their holiness, which can be hidden but never lost