Working for one of the world’s weathiest people only proves Jesus is right

by GodsChildren58

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven. Be very careful not to fall into this trap. When people have more than what they need they “DEPEND” less on God for their existence. Why? Because their “Ego” takes over, making them believe in their heart they don’t need anyone, especially a God they don’t know.


A Time for a Change


            Like most big corporations in the world today, things can be going just great for you, and then the company brings in someone new that doesn’t know much about anything. I have seen this happen way to many times throughout my life. Luckily for me I’ve been talking to God while I was traveling from state to state and in between my appointments about leaving and going out on my own someday and to start a small business. I even made it a point to get some of the necessary things in place the best that I could before leaving. I had a great run and the pay was way more than I had ever hoped for, but when your boss gives away a half a billion dollars back to the government and then tells me that I already make too much money, you kind of know that it is just a matter of time before your number is up.

I’ve been on the road for most of my life now and I think that it was time for a change. The new head of the company here in the USA didn’t know me nor did he know what he was doing. He managed to change my sales contract goals five times in the first six months and he also changed my territory each time as well. First I would be working with a customer and then I wasn’t. You could tell that he didn’t have any experience in running such a large corporation.

One day I decided to put in my resignation. Everyone was shocked to say the least that is except for the new person running our North America Company. I was told by a fellow manager that when I asked him, “What did the new head man say when I put in my resignation?” He replied with a laugh and then proceeded to tell me that the new head boss said, “That’s great, now we can hire two more people for what we are paying him.” So much for company’s loyalty, ten years and that’s how they think about you after you lived out your usefulness by giving them your life. I knew now without any doubt that it was now the time to leave and that I was making the right move. With God with me, how can I ever lose?

I built an extra-large brick garage next to my home, because I couldn’t see paying someone else for renting office space for what I had already had of my own. I was now out on my own but soon the problems came up again in my first year being in business, because of all the “.com” collapsing they had then caused the stock market to tumble downward. Soon after this had happened, I was at home watching the morning news when I saw that the world trade center was being bombed with the aircraft as I sat and watched the morning news. The economy was now heading in the wrong direction once again. I asked God for His help and soon all my good friends who I worked with over the years jumped in to help. Whenever they could, they would throw some extra business my way. “God bless them all I say.”

As the months turned into years there were some days that when it was so slow I would ask God, “Did I do the right thing God?” The bills kept coming in faster than my small sales could keep up with. Some months where extra hard for me, in fact, so hard that I would just sit in my little office in the garage and pray to God all day long. The problems that I soon noticed were not only that the economy was now slow, but the purchasing managers at other companies didn’t like creating extra paper work for themselves, even if my pricing was lower and I did give them better service. It would be a waste of time for them to set me up as a new account for just the few items I offered. I’m not a large company that offers everything, but just a one man business person trying to live the so called American Dream.

The truth be known is that it’s not what you know in the business world, but who you know when it comes to sales. Most all of the purchasing managers enjoy those free lunches and extra perks that they get from their bigger suppliers on the sides. They operate just like the politicians in America do, and I just didn’t have the resources to buy my way into their business. But I did have something that they all don’t have, and that is I still have God who sees and knows everything that is happening.

That same old question just kept coming up as it did over my life time, and that is “Why do some prayers get answered while and others don’t?” Things can be going good, and then everything just starts to fall apart, like a roller coaster life has its ups and then its downs over and over again. “What am I doing wrong God?”  I knew that I have a special gift, but how much more gifted can I be, and why does life have to always be so complicated all the time? I knew that God hears everything and He never breaks a promise, so the question I always ask Him is, “What am I doing wrong, and how is it that I find myself back in these same situations over and over again?”

This one month, when I got hit with more bills than I had expected and not knowing what to do, I started talking to God more than I usually have been doing once again. It got so bad that one day that I even sat down in my office and I cried out to Him for His help. Now here is one for the records, I had never noticed this before about humans, but when things are really bad and I’m talking to God, the children that I would see out and about in public places acted so differently when they were around me. Just like the animals did when I was out in the orchard praying and talking to God, they would make it a point to always be after my attention.

For example, while I’m praying to God and asking for His help, my soul feels differently. I feel kind of a light headed feeling, and my human senses become just a little off. When I’m out and about the babies and the little children will do things to try and to get my attention. I can be sitting in a restaurant, and sure enough, they just have to want to interact with me in some way or another. They could see what I was feeling and thinking. Of course the parents just thought that the children are just being children, but we knew better. They want me to be happy just like they are showing me how they do it. I would soon forget about all of my problems and then the very next event that would take place would be that my prayers have been answered. It only takes a few short days and everything turns out to be just fine again. My bills where all paid and I even had some extra money. Soon I was up and running again. A few new customers and a few extra dollars to buy some supplies that I needed for my business.

The other thing that stood out that I could not help to avoid, but noticing is this,  when all my prayers are answered, how did all of the other events just fell into place to make my prayers be answered? I was so intrigued by this, that I started making it a point to see how many times this event would take place. The best way to explain how this happens is that God really does know what is going to happen in your future. Angels just don’t sing and play their harps all day like some people would have you think. They are doing what God commands them when answering your prayers. The Angels then do what they do best to see that “God’s Will” is done on earth as it is in Heaven. The Angels are working behind the scenes so that when the day comes in your future and at that moment in time, everything comes together at that specific point in time. I have been tracking this event now for over ten years and it never has missed a beat. Every time and all the time, this is why I have learned that there are no such things as a coincidence or accidents in life.

Now having your own small business is a real test of one’s own faith in God. Being on my own gave me more freedom to make choices and most of all to spend time with my wife. I had worked for ten years for the Japanese making them millions, but I really never had any free time to enjoy what God has given to me. I was always on the road working week after week month after month. I wasn’t really free as I am now. I may live week to week not knowing how I will pay my bills, but this is the way it was always meant to be, man depending on God, not government or in someone else for their own everyday existence.

          I still would think back to when I would take those long walks through the woods and out in the apple orchard. It was a time in my life when I was growing ever so closer to God that I was able to see and hear things that only until now where just stories from the bible. I would say to some people, “Others may know the verse and the chapters in the bible, but I have lived what is written in the Bible.” Everything that has happened to me can be taken directly taken out from the Bible. I would soon learn that what God has shown me, is more than what is in the Bible. I know of things that only God has shared with me that no other “Religion” or “Church” will ever know about God.