Why God are you doing this for me, Who Am I to teach the world?

by GodsChildren58

We all find ourselves in situations on our journey through this life of ours. I have learned that Depending on God is a must if we are ever to find our way home to Him. It is true America is falling apart just as we watch other countries around the world doing. The question you must always asked yourself is this and it is a simple question to remember, How much do you really Love God, and do you trust Him enough even with your own life? I have wished from time to time for death to come for many who are suffering, for in death they will be freed from their suffering and pains they are faced with each day. Many people are struggling and many more are hurting, but before you give up and death “Tags” any of you, ask yourself another question, Did you give it your best and did you really make a difference in someone else’s life by sharing and giving your love to them unconditionally?

From The Chosen Ones, my lessons continue, Enjoy.


Every Prayer Answered

Matt.7.8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Matt. 18.19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

 Matt. 6.6 But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.

Understanding what a “want” is compared to what a “need” is, really makes or breaks a prayer. It is just as important to understanding what a Prayer really is and how we must pray. A promise is a promise and God gave us His word that He would never forsake His children. Seek and ye shall find. It was up to me to try and to figure out just what works and what doesn’t work when seeking God. If calling on Him for His help, why is it that some people get answers to their prayers while others don’t? I already had a good start with my communicating capabilities with Heaven and having God answer me in times of trouble. Even when God wanted to bless me for just loving Him, He always answers me.

However, I still had more questions that I still needed to find out why are all of my prayers being answered. What makes a prayer a true prayer, and what are the rules that are needed to be followed before a prayer will be answered. If we do everything just right, then we should get the same results 100% of the time. What are the variables that would cause a prayer not be answered? The bible has so many things to pick from but, only a certain combination will unlock the doors and the secrets to the Kingdom of heaven. What I did know for certain is that when I made it a habit to talk to God every day, my results would be much higher and that my prayers are answered sooner as well. I also knew that when I wasn’t sure how to fix a certain problem, that when I trusted in God, then everything also worked out as I looked back. I do know that God will always get me through those tough times. I knew this because it would happen to me every time.  The closer that I got to God, the easier and faster it would be to get through these tough times.

What were the most important ingredients that will get prayers to be answered? The first and most important one was coming to God first before asking any other human for any help or advice. It was much easier for me because I had no one else that I could ever find who would care enough about me or that there was anyone else that I really trusted. Whenever I wasn’t sure what to do or where to start, I reminded God of the words that He spoke to me years ago “Love Me, Believe in Me, Trust Me.” and then I would say to God, and remember what I asked of you? “Love me, forgive me, take care of me with guidance all the days of my life.”

As I look back at my life, and since I had opened my own little business, now over twelve years, I am still able to pay all of my bills and pay down some of my debt. I have had the joy of spending my life with my wife, traveling and doing things together day after day and year after year. This is the way life should be for all of God’s Children, simple and happy.

What I do know is that today we have become a society of modern day slavery which I call “debt”. Being able to see Angels and hear God Speak was still not enough for me. It is true, I do live a peaceful and happy life, but I still hungered for answers to why all these things happen as they do. Is it just me or are there others like me in the world. I still needed to find out what makes these supernatural events from God happen all the time. How could I repeat these unknown steps over and over again in order to be able to obtain the same results or to have God answer my questions? I needed to retrace the steps that I had taken to obtain the same results that have happen to me over and over again.

Did I, and was I, following all the rules all the time? Was there something else that I was missing when I am praying to God? The best solution that I could come up with was to retrace all of my steps and try it again, and again. Each time that I would pray, I would try something just a little different than I did the time before, and then I would take notice to what the results would be.

It was like a roulette table, red or black 50/50 chance. What is pleasing to God, and what is not pleasing to God. What is the combination of things and events that would be needed in order to unlock the secrets to Heaven? I started with what I knew that was already written in the bible. What should we do when we prayed and how we should be praying when we do pray. There are “Rules”, which need to be followed all the time and every time. Like trying to pick the winning numbers to the lottery, so many numbers to choose from, but only the right ones will make you a winner. How am I doing it every time in order to get the same results?

If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of parables and stories that Jesus told us. Each one is a clue as well as an example given to us. Putting them all together was not an easy one to do. There are some people that have told me not to tell them how they should pray. Of course, I will not argue with them. Any prayer is a good prayer right? So you would think, but not so! How wrong they are. Yes, it is true that every word that comes from your mouth is being recorded but also what is in your heart. Praying to God is what we have been taught in Sunday school or at the local “clubs”, but are we following the rules, if we are then, we should be getting the same result every time. What are we doing so wrong?

Let’s see what happens to a person that talks to God every day. When things are going well and an “I love you God” comes from the heart of His child. When things are falling apart and an “I love you God” is still spoken from the heart of any of His children. Your heart is broken because you care so much for others that they reject you, and an “I love you God” is spoken. When joy comes your way in life and an “I love you God” is spoken from the heart. When you begin to learn that God comes first in your own life, yes first. This means before your spouse, your children, and even your own life, you have now made the first and most important step that you will ever make when seeking God.

Many of you are still having trouble with this first step, because most people have a hard time of letting go. Let me help you then, think of your life this way. Everything that you have will be gone. You and your spouse will die, your house will be sold or torn down and then your children will grow old or die soon what will you take to your grave? The things that you now own will fall apart or land up in the trash somewhere. All the cars that you have ever spent money on will all have rusted a long time ago. Everything that you have now in your life that you have obtained and worked so hard for will also be gone forever. Like so many of the old timers that used to say to me when I was growing up about life, “You came into this world with nothing, and you’ll leave with nothing.”

And now that I have learned what I have learned over these past decades, I can now say to all those who had said this, “How ignorant of you. For I now can say to you that you may have come into this world with nothing, but for those of us who seek after God for His mercy, love, and forgiveness, we all gain life everlasting.” Those of us who Love God and have learned how to be able to love others as Jesus taught us, we will leave this world to be with God our Father in Heaven with all the blessings and rewards Heaven has to offer His children. Always keeping in your heart and mind that with God nothing is ever lost that belongs to Him and nothing can ever be taken from Him that belongs to Him. He is God and we are His Children.

     Rules are Rules and Promises are Promises, what then are we doing so wrong and how do we make things right so that we all will be able to find God when we Seek Him? When things do not work you must always ask God, “Forgive me Father, what am I doing wrong?”