What I have learned from being Human, The Chosen Ones By John Paul

by GodsChildren58


A few more Lessons about Life. . .

            This day was a down day for me. Seems, humans just love it when they can take, take, take, and when you can’t give them any more, they will begin to treat you like your dirt and everything is your fault.  Anyway, I sat in my office doing my tax paper work, and while I was doing this, I was talking to God and letting Him know how I was feeling and what my thoughts were. I said to God my Father, “No matter how much or how many people will hurt me in this life, I will never stop caring nor trying to love them. This is who I am and this is the gift that you have given to me.

The next day after taking my wife Brenda to work early in morning, I decided without really knowing why I was even doing this, that I would take a drive out to see which movies were playing at the movie theater just outside of our town. I was thinking of maybe taking the day off from my usual lap swim due to a cut that I had acquired while swimming with another swimming that had poor eyesight.  As I was heading towards the shopping area, I was thinking about how much I like the movies. Being that the time was only 6:45AM and that nobody else was even out near the shopping area so early. I pulled up to the front of the building. I was looking at the outside shows that were listed up on the wall, just about then, I heard someone knocking on my passenger side window behind me. Being very surprised more than anything else, I turned around to face the passenger side window and there was this elderly woman who was now signaling me to please row down the side passage window. Looking at her, I would say that she was at least in her eighties if not more. Thinking to myself, where did this lady come from and how was she able to find me out here sitting all alone in the shopping area, being that I am the only other vehicle within sight.

She asked if I could help her and I said, “Sure, what can I do for you?” She said that she was lost and wanted to know if I had a cellphone and if she could see it. “Sure”, I replied. She then said to me, “Wait right here,” as she walked back towards her car that was parked next to mine. I was wondering where did this eighty some year old woman come from, it happened so fast. She then returned back and gave me a number for me to call for her.  I then gave her the phone and she left her friend a message that she would be running a little late. After she got off the phone, she then asked me if I knew where the Wal-Mart store was. I said to her,“ I’m heading that way why don’t you just follow me.” She smiled and said, “You know, you’re a real Angel”  . . . . I just smiled back at her, if she only knew.

She then followed me in her car back onto the highway toward Wal-Mart. Good things like this when they happen always helps me to remember why I was given this gift of love from God. It’s like my batteries have just been recharged once more because of a simple act of kindness and love towards another human who was in need of help.

As for God, They always know what and how to make me aware of “Their” presence and how to heal the sadness that is in my heart. Every time, and all the time!

        This is how we as humans are to learn how and why we are to heal the heart so that our “Prayer Cup” will not drain so fast on us. The more that we will learn to be able to love and help others, the more we humans will begin to learn the secrets to what is pleasing to God our Father.

I met a very nice young lady who I would soon learned was an Atheist. Not understanding what makes a person an Atheist, I started to ask her questions. My first question before ever learning that she was even an Atheist was when I asked her, “Do you or don’t you believe in God?” I always enjoy getting people to start thinking with questions.  She was nice enough at the time to tell me that because of something that had happened to her in her life that God didn’t answer her prayer, so she stopped believing in God. I didn’t want to know what her prayer was about, but now I was even more interested in understanding just how she had prayed.

The next time that I saw her I asked her, “When you prayed was it because you have tried everything else before praying, or did you just start praying when you couldn’t think of anyone else that would be able to help you?” She tried to avoid giving me the true answer, so I then said to her, “If you didn’t follow the rules, and you then went to God as a your last resort for His help, this could be why your prayers weren’t answered” At this point she again walked off because she didn’t want to discuss this issue any more with me. I didn’t want to pry, so I left the issue alone for a few more days.

The next time that I saw her she told me to watch some recording of a certain comedian who also doesn’t believe in a God. She then proceeded to tell me that when you’re dead you’re dead, just like what I have heard time and time before from so many others. People when they don’t know what the real answers are, they come to the conclusion that God must not be real. This causes these people to lose that Hope of ever finding that God does exist. So I replied saying to her, “So what you’re telling me that if there are people in Africa that are starving what difference does it matter and why should anybody care that they are going to die. They will not have to suffer any longer, and as for all the babies and children, what lost then is there if they all too shall die? They will no longer feel pain or suffer any longer.”

She then said to me, “That’s so mean. How can you say that?”  I said, “No, “That’s what you’re trying to tell me. If the afterlife does not matter or exist then why should life matter?” I did this to challenge her to think what she was saying. A few days later when I was able to ask her more questions, I could tell that she was doing everything now to avoid me. However I did get another chance to challenge her and to challenge her beliefs.

The next time that I was able to see her, I said to her, “I know that you’re a very smart individual and that you like to have proof to back everything up.” For she had made it a point to tell me that she is studying to be an ultrasound technician and that she is a very logical person who always needs proof. She then looked at me as I asked her a question wondering what I was up to now. I then proceeded with this question to her, “What does true love look like?” She thought about it for a few seconds, which was a good sign and then after thinking about it she had the answer and replied back to me, “You can’t see love.” I then asked her, “Where do you find love?” Again she thought about again being careful not to fall into any traps and replied, “It’s everywhere not in any specific place.” I then asked her, “How do you know that it is love when you do find it?” She said, “You just know, Love is everywhere and you can’t see it, but you can feel it”, I then asked her again, giving her another chance to change any of her answers “Are you sure?” I asked. She then replied, “Yea, I’m sure.”

I then said to her, “What you have just done was managed to describe God, and you said that He doesn’t exist. At this point I could see the angry look on her face was starting to come out. I then said, “If you are correct, then there is no such thing as Love, and if there is no such thing as Love, there is no such thing as God. And if there is no such thing as Love how can there be hatred in the world as well?” I knew that she could not handle my logic and she turned and walked away from me without saying another word.

Just about two days later, while as I was with another friend swimming and while we were both talking, he told me if I had heard that this same young ladies boyfriend who had just broken up with her the day before. It turns out that this just so happened to be about the exact same day that I was asking her these questions about love.

For the next few weeks I did not see her again but for a few moments only in passing, when she knew that I was anywhere near, she would do the disappearing act on me as fast as she could. One day I just so happened to run into her, she immediately turned her back towards me and then told me while looking the other way that if I didn’t leave her alone that she was going to file a complaint against me for harassment. She told me to keep all my stories and dreams to myself and for me to stay away from her.

I wonder if she’ll ever know what the true meaning of love really is. God gives all of us opportunities throughout our lives. I can only pray that she doesn’t stay in the ocean with the sharks too long and finds God and her salvation before it’s too late for her.

      I’m not upset or angry in the least with them for the way that they had treated me. In fact, my heart feels sad when people stop communicating or when they close the door on seeking God or the truth. You can tell that it is eating away at them because of the anger that comes out of those who are not one of God’s Children. I think about Judas, after what he had did to Jesus, Satan caused Judas to hang himself, Judas was so filled with blindness that Satan didn’t give him the chance to be able to repent. So now you can better understand that this is what happens when a human is not in the light and is lost.