Did you know that when you elect anyone to rule over you that it is a direct insult to God?

by GodsChildren58


“God’s Children of the United States”


I have people ask me all the time if I vote, and of course I tell them I have never voted in my life these past 37 years. “You never voted” they reply. I said if I give you a choice between Satan and Lucifer to rule over you, who would you vote for? Of course many look at me as if I am asking them a crazy question. After a while of silence, they reply they are both the same! As if I already didn’t know that.

I then proceed to them that they are correct and that it doesn’t matter which of the two evils you elect to be the ruler over you, they are both the same. So when the media and special interest groups with all their power and money have finished removing the ones that are of greater threat to their own agendas, they will then let you chose which is the lesser of the two evils. having you believe that you really have a say in what happens to you and your life.

I then proceed to inform them that every time you chose someone to rule over you, it is a direct insult to God. You can not serve two masters. God plays second to know one!  Read: I Samuel 8:7-14 and then pray real hard and then ask for His forgiveness. remember Satan Controls all the governments around the world just as he showed them to Jesus. This is also why Jesus made it very clear that none shall be greater than the one next to them. This is what the Gentiles do and it is wrong in the eyes of God for only God is greater and above all!