Demons Tag, and sometimes death soon follows

Demons Tag, and sometimes death soon follows.

Demons Tag, and sometimes death soon follows


God Loves Those Who Love Him


A few months ago someone that I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and discussions with was Tagged by a Demon and soon afterwards Death came and took him. I met professor Allen Bloom years ago while at the University in town where he worked. I would share a swimming lane on days with him from time to time on his lunch breaks or between his classes at noon. We started off with the basic getting to know each other. He was a history professor the University and I was just using the pool at lunch time to get some exercise in. Over time we would meet more on and off over the coming years.

After swimming with him for a few years now, my wife and I soon transferred our swimming to a newly built YMCA that was just finished due to we could now have full access to the pool all day as well as now we could use the other exercising equipment. It wasn’t long until Professor Allen and I would run into each other again here at the new “Y”. He had adopted some children and he was now able to leave them in the YMCA Day Care for a few hours while he exercised on the Cardio machine. We would still have our deep decisions about life. Every time I would make a statement, he would once again challenge me in a debate, he enjoyed discussions that challenged the mind. It wasn’t soon afterwards while he made mentioned that he was writing a book and was taking the summer off from teaching to work on it. I too, decided that I would start on my book as well. It was at this time that I learned that he was an atheist. It was hard for me at first to understand how he could be one when he was a Hebrew.

Over the next year from time to time I would bring up my book and about what I was writing about. He would just get turned off and would make statements to once again try and challenge my beliefs. He didn’t do it to anger me, he only did it to try and understand once again how I arrived at my viewpoints. Remember he was a professor and this was his way of teaching. One time I even gave him a few CD’s that I purchased about the Jewish traditions. When I gave them to him, he said that he didn’t get into these crazy rituals, but he would look them over. Now when I would see him I would ask if he had a chance to watch them, he would always tell me how busy he was,  he never did watch them. When I would run into him at the “Y”, I would tell him, “I’m going to keep trying, God loves you and I’m not going to give up on you either.”

One day while at the YMCA , I ran into professor Allen  again. I said “Allen, it would be a tragedy if you died and never got the chance to know God”. Allen looked at me and said, “Come here John” as I got closer to him, I saw that his wife was with his three children next to the day care entrance. He then pointed to them and said, “You know what would be a real tragedy John?, I replied what? As he was pointing to his three children he said, “It would be a real Tragedy? If I died before I saw these children grow up. That would be a real Tragedy John.” Not saying anything in return, he met his wife and children and left. I ran into him in passing and I would wave and say Hi, but he was now coming at different times to exercise at the “Y”.

One day as I entered the “Y” I was told that professor Allen Bloom had died suddenly. It was from a flesh eating bacteria. He was very young at the time of his death. Knowing what I do know and what I have seen about Demons and Death, I already knew why he had died so young. Demons, as well as Angels, know and see every thing that is happening. Jesus forewarned us time and time again to pray always for Satan will get you when you stop. Did Allen make it into heaven some many ask. Nobody knows but God, and this is why we are never to pass judgement on others, for Only God knows what it is their heart and what events took place before death took them.

My question to you is this, “Who was right and who was wrong? All I can say to you is yes, it is a tragedy. What profits a man if he gains the whole world only to lose his soul? Teach your children love the Lord your God with all their heart, with all their soul, with all their mind. . .for where the heart is, there is where their soul must go. Teach everyone how to Find God, for when it is your time or their time, is where everyone will meet.